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I not the silly escorts Moscow woman that from jealousy to become crazy. I have got used to operate.
Vitaly, the doctor, 49 years:
– Now I escorts Moscow work as the doctor on duty on “Fast”.

And earlier – in the centre of poisonings of Institute of a name Sklifosovsky. That only it was not necessary to see! How many people, without having coped with jealousy, make murders and suicides, at the best escort agency deal with wounds and… Escorts Moscow ladies die in terrible tortures. And who manages to be rescued, remain then on all escort life cripples. More recently escort agency left on a suicide. The young escorts Moscow woman, Long time suspecting the husband in incorrectness – according to neigbours – has seen from a window that he talks at an entrance to any young person. Without hesitation, the escort Russia woman has opened a window and was threw out from the eighth floor and has fallen directly under feet to the husband.

It with a nervous shock have taken away in clinic, and it is in a mortuary “.
Svetlana, the healer, 46 years:
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Sex with Moscow escorts service ladiesRaisa, the trading worker, 39 years:
– The husband at me was the visible man, sociable, and Russian escort work at it was such – all time in public. I, of course, was rather afraid that,dragged as if with the man I coo, and it me! On a head this phone! And has then seized a vase crystal and about its floor – into smithereens! And I already on a floor lay – to me splinters directly in eyes have scattered. Now I the visually impaired Russian escort females – the left eye have lost, on right operation have made – I see slightly.
, the barman, 25 years:
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To me and to a head did not come that she on me has put an eye. Somehow it has called in to us in the evening, and I just by phone talked to the Russian escort girl. I do not know that it so has touched, but it has jumped up, as stung, and has run out from a bar. Then familiar children to me have told that it as deranged has sat down for a wheel and has sent on errands, up hill and down dale. That night snow went strong, it has not managed to drive and ran into a concrete protection on highway. In general, there is no more Marina. Who could think – of the Russian escort girl of me was jealous!
Vladimir, the student, 20 years:
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